Opera浏览器是来自挪威的一个极为出色的网络浏览套件,具有速度快、节省系统资源、定制能力强、安全性高以及体积小等特点,Opera浏览器目前已经是广受欢迎的浏览器之一。功能包括:多文档接 口 (mdi)、方便的缩放功能、整合搜索引等功能。

v112.0.5197.24 (2024-07-11)
• CHR-9762 Update Chromium on desktop-stable-126-5197 to 126.0.6478.62
• DNA-112153 [Speed Dials] Add to Opera – text barely visible in light mode
• DNA-114379 Support markup in titles and descriptions
• DNA-114787 Crash at views::View::DoRemoveChildView(views::View*, bool, bool, views::View*)
• DNA-114999 Favicon in opera://version
• DNA-115026 Extension corrupted after removing it and reopen Opera
• DNA-115228 Adblocker is blocking ads when turned off
• DNA-115350 Wrong “end_index” in “Move” event_tab when moving tab out of island
• DNA-115603 [Rich Hints] Pass trigger source to the Rich Hint
• DNA-116062 Crash at base::debug::BreakDebuggerAsyncSafe() | base::RepeatingCallback::Run(char const*, int, std::__Cr::basic_string_view, std::__Cr::basic_string_view) const&
• DNA-116081 [Mac] Workspace switch animation shows web view being resized
• DNA-116089 [Win/Lin] Fullscreen view has rounded corners
• DNA-116208 The red dot on the Aria’s icon is misaligned
• DNA-116236 [Win] [Address bar] Impossible to highlight typed text using mouse
• DNA-116253 Popup checkbox doesn’t use Opera One colors in dark and light modes
• DNA-116254 Popup Translate button doesn’t have a background (both modes)
• DNA-116256 Crash at TabHoverCardController::UpdateHoverCard(opera::TabDataView*, TabHoverCardController::UpdateType, bool)
• DNA-116313 [Win] Crash at opera::component_based::AnimationData::OnChildViewRemoved(views::View*, views::View*)
• DNA-116317 Create outline or shadow around emojis on tab strip
• DNA-116319 Create animation for emoji appearing on tab strip
• DNA-116320 Create animation for emoji disappearing from tab strip
• DNA-116391 Missing ‘Reset’ button on popup
• DNA-116395 [React emoji picker] Not all emoji load correctly
• DNA-116420 Wrong WebUI colors (History, bookmarks, player, sidebar setup etc. from sidebar)
• DNA-116456 Update links to atlassian projects on opera://crashes for Vanilla
• DNA-116477 [ContentFilter] Improve breaking rules detection
• DNA-116479 [Badges] Design replaced by chrome
• DNA-116480 Wrong display of Opera sliding toolbars
• DNA-116491 Site info popup is cut with dropdown opened
• DNA-116511 When Search Box hidden Continue On can not be expand/collapse/closed
• DNA-116525 Clicking outside Translator popup doesn’t close it
• DNA-116529 Remove sound from Opera One splash screen
• DNA-116538 Tab island is not properly displayed when dragging
• DNA-116543 Twitter migrate to x.com
• DNA-116544 Update Twitter URL in all locations
• DNA-116564 Assign custom emoji from emoji picker
• DNA-116566 Crash at autofill::AutofillBubbleHandlerImpl::ShowIbanBubble(content::WebContents*, autofill::IbanBubbleController*, bool, autofill::IbanBubbleType)
• DNA-116569 Twitter in Panel loading for the first time opens two Tabs automatically
• DNA-116571 Crash at opera::services::live_wallpaper_metrics::CpuProviderMac::CollectData()
• DNA-116573 Bookmark popup menu is not clickable
• DNA-116582 [Win] [Emojis on tabs] Close tab button visibility
• DNA-116601 Crash at static void translate::TranslateAgent::ReportTranslateStatus(opera::TranslateStatus, opera::TranslateError)
• DNA-116605 Crash at opera::BrowserContentsView::NonClientHitTestPoint(gfx::Point const&)
• DNA-116636 Crash at opera::BrowserWindowImpl::ShowTranslateBubble(content::WebContents*, translate::TranslateStep, std::__Cr::basic_string const&, std::__Cr::basic_string const&, translate::TranslateErrors, bool)
• DNA-116637 Build netinstaller on all architectures
• DNA-116645 Settings icon is not visible in Dark Mode
• DNA-116646 Emoji doesn’t shows up on Tab if we have collapsed Tab island before it
• DNA-116661 [opera:settings] IPFS/IPNS Gateway box has the wrong design
• DNA-116665 Crash at __crt_stdio_output::output_processor::process()
• DNA-116669 Crash at opera::content_filter::LoadBlacklists(opera::content_filter::RulesLoader::LoadParams, scoped_refptr, base::RepeatingCallback, base::OnceCallback)
• DNA-116674 Instagram and Aria sidebar notification dot don’t show up
• DNA-116687 Wrong drop_index when dragging tab into group
• DNA-116690 Make chrome://emoji-picker attachable by webdriver
• DNA-116691 Allow Opera features to determine base::Feature states
• DNA-116693 X (twitter) logo is not available on opera:about page
• DNA-116711 ‘Translator’ icon in address bar looks misaligned
• DNA-116723 “Leave site” popup has wrong buttons design
• DNA-116732 Introduce stat event for setting / unsetting emoji on a tab
• DNA-116737 [Bookmarks] Bookmarks bar favicon have light theme color in new window
• DNA-116743 Crash at extensions::PermissionSet::HasAPIPermission(std::__Cr::basic_string const&)
• DNA-116748 Release opera intro 2.0.10
• DNA-116749 Unnecessary icons in the advanced sync settings
• DNA-116752 [sync] Later button is not visible on light theme
• DNA-116753 Emoji picker does not follow browser theme
• DNA-116755 Record tab emojis added / removed
• DNA-116760 Closing Translator popup not always works as expected
• DNA-116761 Page is not in ‘Language’ doesn’t work as expected
• DNA-116764 Emoji picker scrollbar should change color according to theme
• DNA-116769 Extension popup – pin icon is replaced
• DNA-116777 Enable #tab-art on all streams
• DNA-116787 Emoji sometimes shown behind tab title
• DNA-116789 Translations for O111
• DNA-116791 [Mac] “Accept” option in showOpenFilePicker does not allow to enter folders
• DNA-116794 The active tab is unresponsive and will not close when the close button is clicked
• DNA-116802 Previously selected tab displayed while dragging tab island
• DNA-116804 [Speed Dials] Add to Opera button – text barely visible in light mode
• DNA-116813 [React emoji picker] Flag emojis are not load correctly
• DNA-116814 [Translator] Clicking on Translate button in the popup does not have any effect
• DNA-116816 Emoji is shown behind tab island handle
• DNA-116837 [Win][Light Mode] Black lines are visible at the corners with #fast-rounded-web-view-corners
• DNA-116849 Make flag #tab-art public
• DNA-116855 Cannot close tab island’s tab when popup was hovered
• DNA-116871 [Lin] Rounded corners in the video popout window
• DNA-116874 Change hover overlay in video popout
• DNA-116875 Update top buttons in video pop-out
• DNA-116893 Put ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’ in Settings
• DNA-116912 [Win] [Intro] During the intro, when hovering the mouse, emojis appear at the top of the window
• DNA-116915 [Mac] Rounded corners in the video popout window
• DNA-116918 Translations for ‘Show emojis in tab tooltip’
• DNA-116956 [Tab art] Emoji on tabs dissapearing on restart/update
• DNA-116967 Promote 112 to beta
• DNA-117001 Crash at base::internal::check_is_test_impl(base::NotFatalUntil)
• DNA-117050 [Settings][Sync] Synchronization options aren’t visible
• DNA-117076 [Player] Background of the icons has changed and the Tidal icon is now missing
• DNA-117097 [Win] Spaces between items in context menus and the Omenu are too large
• DNA-117109 Browser freezes when trying to remove a tab
• DNA-117153 [Win] Emoji picker category titles are invisible
• DNA-117181 Translations for O112
• DNA-117202 Crash at syncer::SyncServiceImpl::NotifyObservers()
• DNA-117295 Remove emoji names field in picker
• DNA-117347 Start page is not rendered on first switch to workspace after its creation
• DNA-117431 Promote 112 to stable

Opera v112.0.5197.24 for Windows 10/11

Opera v95.0.4635.84 for Windows 7/8.1




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