BluffTitler 是一款3D立体文本演示动画设计制作工具,受用它无需昂贵的费用就能制作专业的三维动画。程序内置了大量的实例模版,不管新手或专业用户都能轻松设计制作。

v16.4.0.2 (2023-11-01)
• Completely revised installer templates!
• Glow maps accessible in the MEDIA > Change texture… dialog.
• Support for GLB models with ambient occlusion maps
• Support for GLB models with roughness maps
• Support for GLB models with metalness maps
• Support for GLB models with glow maps
• Support for GLB models with animated morph targets
• Scale model joints with SX properties
• Animation blending. Learn more
• Physically based rendering (PBR)
• Soft shadows
• Support for STL models
• Glow icon on model thumbnails in file dialog
• Glow checkbox in Layer > Active layer properties… dialog to make the whole layer glow
• 1 new style in sketch layer: Escalator
• 3 new properties in camera layer: Glow intensity, Glow range & Glow colour
• 2 new properties in model layer: Glow & Joint explosion
• 1 new property in sketch layer: Escalator speed
• 5 new effects: ProceduralTextures/Sinus, Filters/Crop, Filters/RoundCorners, Special/ShadowOnSkybox & Special/DepthOnly
• 2 new special URLs in MEDIA > Change texture… dialog: glowmap & prevframe
• Number of textures per layer increased from 4 to 5
• Model textures are now rendered as thumbnails in the MEDIA > Change texture… dialog
• Possibility to clear model texture. Learn more
• Unpack the GLB textures by right clicking on the GLB file and choosing Extract textures…
now renders all child layers when the active layer is a container layer
• Bugfix: GLB models using colour-per-vertex are now correctly loaded
• Bugfix: GLB models with lines are now correctly loaded
• Bugfix: GLB models without index buffers are now correctly loaded
• Updated translations: English, Nederlands, Kreyol, Français, Español, Japanese, Magyar, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Suomi, Arabic, Slovenian, Tamil & Croatian

BluffTitler v16.4.0.2:for Windows 7/8/10/11 (64位)
BluffTitler v14.8.0.2:支持32位系统





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