MKV封装工具 MKVToolNix v80.0



# Version 80.0 “Roundabout” 2023-10-29

## New features and enhancements

* MKVToolNix GUI: if the system’s locale uses one of the Han scripts, the GUI
will force Arabic numerals to be used in spin boxes. This prevents Suzhou
numerals from being used which seems to be the default on Windows systems
sold in China. Implements #3624.

## Bug fixes

* build system: fixed detection of Qt6 if `clang` is used for compilation on
Linux. In that case Qt’s `qmake` added a `gcc`-specific option that `clang`
doesn’t understand, `-mno-direct-extern-access`. `configure` will now pass
the parameter `-spec linux-clang` to `qmake` so that it uses the correct
compiler flags.
* build system: fixed the use of `mktemp` to be more portable to
e.g. macOS. Fixes #3608.
* mkvmerge: if a video aspect ratio was given with `–aspect-ratio-factor`,
the code would apply a second factor based on the pixel resolution,
resulting in much too large values for the `DisplayWidth` element. For
example, with a pixel resolution of 720×520 & an aspect ratio factor of 1/1
the result should be 720×520, but instead it was 900×520. Up until release
76.0 this has only happened when a track order was given (which
unfortunately includes all invocations with MKVToolNix GUI as it always
includes the track order). Starting with release 77.0 this has always
happened due to the automatic sorting of tracks implicitly creating a track
order, even if none was given.

MKVToolNix v80.0 for Windows 10/Windows Server 2016 及更新版本。

MKVToolNix v68.0.0 for Windows 7




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