EZ CD Audio Converter是一款相当老牌的音轨抓取软件,我们可以利用它将音乐 CD 转换成 MP3、APE、WAV、FLAC…等格式。同时,我们还可以透过网络连接 freedb 抓取音乐 CD 的资讯,例如:专辑名称、歌手、曲目、年份…等资讯,让我们转换后的 MP3 在管理上可以更加地方便有效率。

• FLAC 1.4.2 codec update
◦ Slightly improved performance with newly enabled code optimizations (AVX2)
◦ FLAC changelog: https://github.com/xiph/flac/blob/1.4.2/CHANGELOG.md
• LAME 3.101 MP3 encoder
◦ Performance improvements
• Opus encoder
◦ Added 416, 448, 480, 512 kbit/s stereo modes per user requests
• Vorbis encoder
◦ Added 480 kbit/s stereo mode per user requests
• MP3 decoder
◦ Correct decoding of files with an invalid first frame header (wrong channel count)
• Monkey’s Audio [APE] 8.92 codec update
• Updated the integrated File Explorer component with visual and stability improvements
• OneDrive folders now available in the integrated File Explorer
• ‘Music’ folder now quickly accessible in the integrated File Explorer
• Audio Converter’s ‘Play’ command now can play multiple files and opens files in the default audio player with ‘OPEN’ verb (previously ‘PLAY’ verb) (now works with all audio players such as Windows Media Player, Foobar2000, VLC, Winamp, etc)
• Bugfix: Width of the last 4 file list columns in audio converter may have been incorrectly automatically resized [ bug existed in 10.2 only ]
• Bugfix: Audio CD Ripper status window was missing *album*/loudness/gain/peak [ bug existed in few last versions ]
• Bugfix: 2nd (multichannel) TOC was not read from SACD ISO if the file extension [.iso] was not in lowercase [ bug has existed as long as there’s been SACD ISO support ]
• Bugfix: WMV (Windows Media Video) file without audio tracks resulted to a WMA decoder misbehaviour that crashed the app [ bug has existed very long time ]
• Other minor improvements

EZ CD Audio Converter v10.2.1 多国语言版

EZ CD Audio Converter 9.x+ Generic Hook – radixx11 (2021/11/26)




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