InnoExtractor是一款功能强大的应用程序,它可以帮助您使用 InnoUnp 技术打开 Inno Setup 安装程序。
使用 InnoExtractor 您可以浏览安装程序的内部结构和内容,您可以将它们提取到本地文件夹或便携式设备,而无需运行安装程序。

v6.2.0.415 (2022-11-29)
– Maybe the best and most stable version of InnoExtractor so far!
– Added and implemented Innounp Unicode console version 1.64.
– Added complete support for Spanish and English language texts in the Setup wizard of the installer. Note that only these 2 languages will be officially supported and included in InnoExtractor installer. Remember that more third-party languages can be downloaded from “Options/Language/Get More Languages…” menu of the application.
– Improved some cosmetic and engine issues of the installer.
– Improved some internal and performance issues of the application.
– Improved other several internal issues of the application.
– Updated root key conversion in “Export [Registry] Section” function.
– Updated some text strings for Spanish and English language files.
– Updated some credits and links in “About InnoExtractor” window.
– Fixed wrong extraction files in File List when filenames contains some special Unicode chars.
– Fixed drag and drop action from the File List when the filenames contains some special Unicode chars.
– Fixed “Export [Registry] Section” function bug due latest changes in Inno Setup engine.
– Fixed “Extract Installer Icon” function bug in some circumstances.
– Fixed “Run” function bug from the File List when the filenames contains some special Unicode chars.
– Fixed other several errors and bugs discovered in previous version.
– Next version of InnoExtractor 6.3 is already in development and testing! Hot features will be added for next year 2023! 🙂
– If you find this app useful, please help me and make a money donation to keep live my projects during the next year 2023 🙁 . Currently, this is my only job that I have and I’m trying to do my best to release future versions with new and nice features. Your help is greatly appreciated and invaluable! 🙂

InnoExtractor v6.2.1.418 多国语言版:

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